February 22, 2018




A new interactive party experience set to wipe photo booths off the map has shaken up the events industry this month. ‘Rebel Videobooth’ set out on its maiden tour earlier this month promising to “add a totally new flavour to the party scene”.

The product of some serious scientific research, the booth provides optimum conditions for releasing the inner rockstar, the cameraman and incredibly encouraging dance directors will very quickly have you flexing, rocking and whooping like a complete maniac!

“It’s like you’ve had an out of body experience and afterwards nothing will ever feel quite the same!” said one party-goer.

After the event, customers receive a professionally edited video of their antics. This serves as more than just a moving photo album; the events of the evening are immortalised on film! The RBV team ensures that final product can be shared easily via social media and smart phone! By the time the evening ends, the video could have been tweeted, facebooked, pinned and seen by an unlimited amount of excited eyes!

The Rebels…

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