December 17, 2017

Preparing for our DEBUT appearance!


All week the rebels have been squirreling away, quietly preparing for a very important party, an event that will catapult them into the eye of the storm! This is a party so perfect for a booth that it could only be described as DEVINE INTERVENTION that the Rebels and the Wrens met in the first place.


Conditions are perfect, the moon will be a crispy crescent, the wind will be blowing in a north-westerly direction and the planets will be aligned just right for a night of bands, boothing and bloody good times.


Just as a brief and polite introduction; The Bloody Wren is a production company made up of artists, performers, filmmakers, designers and general magic making geniuses. The company is lead by two lovely birds Genevieve Bevan-John and Jo Downing…


These wonderful forces of femme will be hosting this kick ass event at Dirty Shirlows in Marrickville this Friday!


This spectacular of spectaculars will be the Bloody Wrens Sydney debut and a calling to all local creative forces currently hiding in the shadows of the city.  These creative beings will flock to Shirlows like moths to a light in the darkness of the night!

Once gathered together a great party shall ensue, and the people will dance and cavort, blood wrestle and shake a nipple tassel, sing karaoke with a live band and shimmy with drink in hand and later on in the night, when the moon is high they will gyrate their way into our tent…drawn in by an irresistible and magnetic force…AND THEY WILL FALL DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH REBEL VIDEOBOOTH! Its true! For the booth is a powerful and mystifying entity that will lodge itself deep in your soul, nagging you to go again like a very enjoyable (and totally acceptable and non harmful to health) addiction.


And when all the singinganddancingandfilmingandchinesepictionaryandflexingandgyratingandwrestlinganddancing is done (phew!) They will all curl up in a contented heap in the booth and sleep until next Saturday.


  1. Great idea guys! I was not interested in going in at first, the lights and cameras are a little intimidating, but some DnB and blood and booze made those fears dissolve, ha.

    One problem – the web address! On the polaroids I recieved the URL was only Which doesn’t exist! Just letting you know.. y’know, constructive criticism.. :)

    Good luck for the future!

    P.S Hi Amy!

    • haaaaaa!! yay!! i must admit, i DID get caught up in the moment and maybe had a bit too much to drink!! thank you for the message and thank you for the good times!!

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