December 17, 2017

Bloody Wren…the aftermath

Woah, woah WOAH!! What a spectacular night of ridiculous fun!! Revelry, wrestling and raving in a tiny booth!! Good times!

This really was a very special event. Never before have we witnessed dreams coming true…until now. Movie stars wrestling in a pool of fake blood, live band karaoke, murderous burlesque acts, live bands…and then live band members cavorting in a videobooth, glitter like rain and some very original and very interesting art installations!

It took people a couple of drinks to build up the courage to jump into the world of the booth, but once the first few were in it rapidly escalated into madness…from every direction! Blood was dripping from every crevice of the tent, body parts were flying, whole pots of glitter were being slung into the air, covering every part of every body, wet with blood and now caked in a new layer of disco! Music was pumping and suddenly nobody cared about the camera, everyone had found their dark, secret excibitionistical side. At one point there was so much power flexing going on that i was afraid we might encounter some kind of crazy electrical surge, and the whole thing would just explode! And then, as usual in situations of extreme fun…it was over too soon! Shirlows were sending us on our merry way, all caked in blood and looking like we’d been part of a terrible accident. We left satisfied, filthy and a little bit squiffy.

The next morning at Rebel Towers we awoke feeling rather sorry for ourselves. THE AFTERMATH…8 hours of sweating and scrubbing until our fingers actually bled to bring the earth back to its former self: unbloodied and glitter free (boring!!) Totally worth it though. We got some very strange looks when we erected the booth in a local car-wash! Its Saturday afternoon and we (two filthy looking urchins) are power hosing one blood soaked tent next to families vacuuming out their saloons and some buff gangster – looking dudes polishing their blacked out windows…HOW WE LAUGHED!

Rebel Videobooth would like to thank everyone for such an eyepoppingly good night.

Bloody Wren – thank you for existing and weaving such magic!

Diry Shirlows – thank you for having us and putting up with such beastly behavior!

EVERYONE who graced our booth with their blood soaked presence – thank you! Things definitely got loose in the booth! Nakedness, glitter, blood, drum & bass and SO MUCH powerful flexing!! It was in-tents! Ha! Love to you all, rad new friends!

The footage will be up on our website and Facebook sometime this week, when we finally finish picking the glitter out of our eyeballs.


Until the next time….


The rebel’s xx


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