December 17, 2017

The Bloody Wren launch party – FULL SEQUENCE

OUR FIRST EVENT was The Bloody Wren Sydney launch party!

Rebel Videobooth was there among many other fantastical attractions including Burlesque shows, blood wrestling, live band karaoke and wall body painting.

Our superhuman editor/cameraman/director and maker of the magic has been carefully sifting through the blood stained footage.

For two whole days his eyes haven’t blinked for fear of missing a moment, and boy! There were so many of them!

At last, when his eyes resembled nothing more than that of a shrimp…it was done.

After a good long blink, the delicate trimming of those juiciest cuts can begin. You should know by the way, he’s a real perfectionist and a master of his craft… everything has to be ‘just so’ even if it takes aaaaaall bloody night.

The next step is to find a piece of music pumping enough to match the glorious footage!! It’s hard sometimes. This time it was provided by the beautiful Madam Electrifie during a late night facebook chit chat, its funny how things just come to you sometimes, like it was meant to be.

Now that the chosen music is in place he can REALLY weave his magic!

And that’s that really – the footage is seamlessly sewn together, supersonified, put under the jazzification beam and VOILA! 3 minutes of absolute carnage! 3 minutes of the very best moments in the booth! I think Sydney definitely now knows that the BLOODY WREN has landed, with a bang and an explosion of bloodied feathers.

We would like to say all the thank you’s in the world to all those brave adventurisers who set foot in the booth. There were SO MANY amazing and colorful characters and so many powerful moves! You guys made it easy to make the video look cool.


The rebels x

Ps – it’s a bloody shame we cant use this for marketing purposes, APPARENTLY its disturbing, pah!


  1. Love that shit!

  2. Looks fuckin’ great!

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