February 22, 2018

the fest of friends



With over 10 years experience ‘in the field’ I am rather proud to present the Rebels ‘ guide to successful festing’


Trained at UK heavyweight festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival and Secret Garden Party PLUS a whole heap of small but equally rad ones including Glade, Boomtown and Rockness, AND THEN recently the mighty Burning Man Festival.  I have experienced festivals in most climates and conditions and boast a wealth of experience in Portaloo etiquette, wellington boot selection and of course the fancy dress wardrobe, cos’ if your going to be knee deep in mud and getting blown about by a 90 KPH wind, you want to look pretty bloody eye-catching doing it!!


Luckily for Australians most festivals are held during periods of endless glorious sunshine, so your only real worries will be your face paint melting off or third degree sunburn!! I indulged in my first summer of festivals here last year starting with Summer Dayze, No Sleep Till and then the epic Rainbow Serpent and i must say, i had rather a good time!!! The sunshine just makes everything awesome! the Rebel team are currently preparing for an epic festival tour, on the hitless are the following dream festivals; PEATS RIDGE sustainable festival, Playground weekender and Golden Plains in VIC. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the booth and have your disco pants ready to blind us with your dazzling moves!!


 Here are our top 10 festival tips!


1. BASE CAMP; try and jazz up your campsite, rugs on the floor, cushions, BBQ and cold beer. A good base camp to go and roll around on the floor with your mates is just as good as the main stage! Sometimes you just need a bit of time out from the circus. OP-SHOP that shit, $2 cushions and grandmas old rug are perfect, just give it a good shake!


2. THE SPANDEX ONE-PIECE: its as close to being naked without actually being naked as you can get, built for slinking and shimmying and flexing HARD.  Available any way you can dream them…


3.ANIMAL HOODS: AMAZING for bad hair days, good hair days, any day that ends with a Y really, and again can be made to whatever specification, no matter what! Merrimaking are an amazing company from the UK. They pioneered the animal hood and are happy to ship to Oz. What’s YOUR inner animal?

4. GLITTER: glitter glitter glitter…carry some in your bag at all times, good for group dazzling and will make everything 10x more magical. Cover the world!!

5. FOOD: seriously the most forgotten thing at festivals. Do it, whatever your state! Food is fuel; even if you just squeeze in one big meal your body will have something to run on. You’ll be more powerful in your flexing and it will help ease the post party blues. At most good festivals you are spoilt for choice, gone are the days of the burger van being your only friend, boutique festivals offer foods from all around the world. Tasty shiz. No excuses.


6. A PILLOW & EARPLUGS: you might only want to sleep 3 hours a day, but you’ll want those to be 2 blissful hours. It’s all about your own pillow for a good snooze. Earplugs…self-explanatory.


7. SUNSCREEN: you know this.

8. BABY WIPES: to make you clean (ish)

9. THE FANCY DRESS WARDROBE: wigs, tutus and jazzy headdresses!! There’s something quite unique about festivals. Somewhere deep inside you all is a primal need to dress up and the minute you set foot on festival turf it just explodes out of you like a screaming banshee! Take everything that you can fit in your car!! You need to be ready to feed that demon when the time comes!!


10. BE CONSIDERATE: before the festival descended, this location was probably a beautiful piece of countryside, birds singing in the trees and bunnies hopping around the fields. Try and imagine this before you leave and restore it to its former glory. Clean up your own campsite; take your rubbish home and recycle what you can.


So that’s that really!! Rave safe, look out for your friends, don’t lose your mind on the first night and get yourself involved in every single part of that festival! Learn to tribal dance, get body painted naked, fall in love, and release your inner banshee.


The Rebels x



  1. I concur to all the above, as your partner in crime having done all the above with you – owning the best cat suits ever and Flexing like no other in glitter sparkling joy. Spreading the festival love & joy and making new friends :-) LOVE X

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