February 22, 2018

The ULTIMATE festival campsite guide

With the festival season in full swing we thought now would be a good time to give you the ultimate guide to luxurious festival camping. A campsite shouldn’t only be regarded as a place to crawl back to, it should be a haven to escape to…for sleeps, eats, parties and simply rolling around on the floor when it all gets a bit much.

Essential items…

  • Cheap tents, pillows, blow up matresses and sleeping bags. Having a pillow makes all the difference! A lumpy nights sleep is transformed into a luxury nights sleep!

Or if you REALLY want to splash out check this…it’s a solar tent by Orange, pretty awesome.

And this…These are bell tents made by Soulpad, also awesome! I spent one festival in a tent very similar to this and felt like I was in the most extreme luxury!! You can fully stand up and it sleeps around 5 people very comfortably. It’s amazing for after parties when the main stages have shut down and you’re feeling naughty!

  • A mini marquee is the perfect center piece to create your base camp, if you arrange your groups tents around it you get a bit of privacy, shade and rain cover.
  • A table; for preparing yummy food and drinks. If your coming as a big group its a good idea to each bring the ingredients for an amazing feast, that way everyone takes a turn to cook and nobody buys too much food. Obviously the chef never washes up…golden rule!
  • Gas cooker and cooking equipment. Standard.
  • Camping chairs…
  • An assortment of cushions are great for lounging around on. check out op shops or just bring your own!
  • Rugs and blankets for the floor. Old rugs are better as they are more suited to having people stomping all over! Also found cheaply at op shops or Spotlight stores.
  • Jazzy material, scarves, sarongs, wall hangings. Anything colorful is perfect to personalize your space and also add some privacy.
So procure said goodies, steal your mums cushions, raid your local campstore and voila! CONGRATU-BLUDDY-LATIONS! You have now created the ultimate festival campsite and this can be stored away and reused all summer long. Now all you need to do is find your people, name your camp and set sail for ridiculous fun-times!
Here are a few of our favorite campsites and jazzy sleeping arrangements to get your juices flowing! Maybe you don’t even need a tent?!
Burning man festival, Nevada, USA
Rainbow serpent festival, VIC, Australia
Burning man festival, Nevada, USA
Bestival, the isle of wight, UK
Unknown location. Rad Indian tea party
Happy camping!


Photos are mostly from Burning man festival in the Nevada desert and Bestival which happens on the Isle Of Wight in the UK. Also featuring Rainbow serpent in VIC, Australia. In my experience the first two mentioned are the greatest festivals in the world for the ultimate in mind boggling, sensorial overloading, awe inspiring good times. Awesome music, vibes and people and such great diversity and original ideas happening every year. I BLOODY LOVE FESTIVALS!!


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