December 17, 2017

Our booth design

For days and nights the rebels sat and drew up plans for a booth of such glorious magnitude that angels would pee their panties in sheer wonderment. The sun rose and set…and rose again, and still they did not break from their work.

“should it be gold plated?”

“should it have a built in gym complex?”

“do we really need that helipad?!”

With all these important and highly relevant questions flying around the room it was hard to make a unanimous decision, each rebel was sure of his or her vision.

But finally, after much deliberation, whilst huddled around the glowing light of a candle (for it was around the witching hour) a decision was made. It was the coming together of great minds, an Extreme Marquee built especially to cope with our extreme needs. Beautifully constructed and festival grade, easy to put up and take down, built to withstand an apocalypse and with looks that could kill a man dead! This was simply put; perfection.

And thus the rebels slept, contented and dreaming sweet dreams of all the boothing to come, excited for the delivery of the first Rebelbooth baby.

Rebelbooth tent design


  1. You’re all completely mad!!!!

    Love it!

    See you at a festival soon I hope!!

  2. This is a blooming good idea, I would like to get blooming involved soon!

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