January 19, 2018


Our Videobooth suits all manor of occasions be it festivals, weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzfahs or corporate events.

RVB prides itself on its fantastic and diverse family. The crew consists of a crack team of set builders, film makers and general dream weavers, specially selected and headhunted from the far corners of the globe;

We look for high energy and positive people who have that ‘special’ juice. We need our team to inspire absolute mayhem and to be able to access people’s inner showoff, no matter how deeply it is hidden! This is a very special and finely honed skill that not every human possesses; it’s like a confidence giving super power!

We can tailor the booth to whatever your specifications…no matter how specific! Go on…test us! Shoot us an email about your event and theme & our A-Team will get busy working magic and crafting together your dream booth.

Just some of the options available:
We can customize the booth to suit your event and brand – we have an excellent design team that can help you create your dream booth & costumes to suit.

Footage captured of your evenings antics can be projected onto walls or screens for all to see during the night.

Shake it! Sh Sh Sh Shake it! Shake it like a…you get the picture.

After the event our video editors will create your event film clip. You then have the choice of getting it on a DVD or for it to be hosted on your very own event microsite for all your guests to see. This is also great for embedding into Social Media.

Call us: Amy: 0466 525 768
Email Us: hello@rebelvideobooth.com

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